Accommodation Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions apply to all our accommodation bookings, and are intended to ensure an enjoyable stay for our guests.  By completing a booking form you accept you agree to abide by Student Xpress’ accommodation terms and conditions set out below. 


  • To book your accommodation please complete the booking form.
  • When we receive your booking we will contact you to tell you if we can meet your requirements. This will normally happen within 24 hours.
  • If you have not received an answer within 3 working days there is a chance that we have not received your booking, so please contact us via email or telephone. Please check your inbox and junk box for an email from Student Xpress.
  • Working days exclude Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays.
  • If we can meet the requirements specified on your booking form, a payment invoice will be sent to you.
  • If we cannot meet the specified requirements there is no charge.
  • Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a completed booking form and invoice payment.
  • Accommodation offered and not acknowledged within 72 hours (3 days) may no longer be available.
  • Student Xpress will only release accommodation details upon receipt of full payment which must be cleared through our bank 7 days before arriving at the accommodation.
  • We reserve the right to remove any student/visitor whose conduct is deemed to be unreasonable. Alternative accommodation may be offered at our discretion.
  • All students who wish to extend their homestay accommodation for less than a week will be charged on a daily rate basis. Apartment accommodation is charged at a weekly rate.


  • Payment of fees can be made by bank card or bank transfer. Details will be shown on your invoice.
  • Following receipt of the accommodation invoice, you have 3 days in which to confirm that you want the offered accommodation.
  • If you do not respond to the offer within 3 days, the booking will be cancelled.
  • There will be a one- off booking administration fee of £50 per booking. This is non-refundable.
  • For students staying between 24th December to 1st January, there will be a  one-off supplement fee of £30 per person.
  • For individual student bookings, a minimum payment of 14 days’ accommodation fee must be received at least 2 weeks before arrival  to secure the accommodation. The rest must be paid in full within 7 working days prior to arrival in £ Sterling.
  • For group bookings, a minimum payment of 10% of the total cost for accommodation must be received at least 28 days before arrival of the date of invoice to secure the accommodation. The rest must be paid in full  7 working days prior to arrival in £ Sterling.
  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Student Xpress, late payment for homestay will incur a late fee charge of 3% of the total cost of the homestay.
  • All late reservation requests will require payment in full.
  • Bookings can only be guaranteed after we have received full payment.
  • It is the responsibility of students or their representatives to pay bank card fees or bank transfer fees when making payment by bank card or bank transfer.


  • For accommodation of more than 4 week’s duration, a 2 week (refundable) deposit is required.
  • The deposit will be refunded on the day of departure, less any deductions for damages (if applicable). Repayments will be in £ sterling.


  • The minimum stay period  is 4 weeks. This does not apply to group bookings.
  • Apartment bookings received for less than 7 days will be charged as 1 week.
  • All students who wish to extend their homestay accommodation for less than a week will be charged on a daily rate basis.


  • All students/guests who have not booked an airport transfer through Student Xpress are expected to make their own way from the airport to their accommodation.


  • A host family collection and drop-off service to/from school, airport, bus or train station may be available on request.
  • A non-refundable arrangement free of £5 will be charged for all host transport arrangements made by Student Xpress.


  • All students/guests are asked to make contact with their host families prior to their arrival in the United Kingdom and confirm the following details:
    • Time your flight is expected to arrive in the United Kingdom.
    • Expected time of arrival at the host family home, to ensure someone will be home at your arrival.
  • Failure to contact your host family may result in you having to wait for your host to arrive.


  • Twin and double rooms are only available for 2 people arriving together.


  • For cancellations between 28 and 2 days prior to arrival, up to 2 week’s cancellation charge apply.
  • No refund will be given for cancellations received 2 days or less prior to arrival, or for ‘ no- shows’.
  • The booking fee is not refundable in case of cancellation.


  • If you wish to cut short your stay a minimum of 14 days’ written notice is required.
  • You will be charged in full during the notice period.
  • If there are less than 14 days of your stay remaining, you will be charged one week’s  accommodation fees in lieu of notice.
  • The booking fee is not refundable in case of curtailment.


  • All changes must be notified in writing. A minimum of 14 days’ written notice is required.
  • You must notify us of any time away from the homestay/ holidays at the time of booking. Any time away from the homestay during the contracted period will be charged in full, unless we have provided written permission at the time of booking. A retainer is payable if student effects and belongings remain in the homestay during approved holidays.
  • The booking fee is not refundable in the case of changes advised after the start of the hosting period.


  • In the event that you have been refused entry into the United Kingdom, please send us the visa refusal letter from the British Embassy ( to be received by Student Xpress within a seven day period) and a full refund for Accommodation and Airport Transfer fees will be given, less the £50 booking fee .
  • Host families wishing to terminate their student’s stay, must also give two weeks’ notice.
  • Students who fail to arrive at the accommodation reserved will forfeit all accommodation fees paid.
  • The booking fee is not refundable in case of non- arrival.


  • Students are strongly advised to purchase adequate insurance to cover all eventualities e.g. illness, accidents, theft and cancellation charges.


  • Our liability is no more than the money we have received from you.
  • We and our host families do not accept liability in respect of personal injury, theft, loss, damage of personal items or misadventure you may suffer in the accommodation, or elsewhere. We strongly advise you take out full insurance to cover personal injuries, personal property i.e. jewellery, laptops etc., which should include travel and medical treatment before travelling to the United Kingdom.
  • We will not accept any liability for disputes or claims/ loss arising between you and the host family. If you have any problems with your accommodation or your host family, you must notify us immediately. Your complaint will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. If necessary we will do our best to offer alternative accommodation.
  • We advise all students to take great care with front door keys, as Student Xpress will not be responsible for  any damage or loss.
  • All damages, breakages and loss of keys made by the guests must be paid for directly by the student.
  • All students are asked not to give out details of their host families’ address or telephone number without first seeking permission from their host family.
  • We ask all students not to engage in conversation about fees with host families. All payments must be made to us, and not directly to host families.


  • We are an equal opportunities employer and service provider. The aim of our equal opportunities policy is to:
    • Eliminate all unlawful discrimination; and
    • Promote equality of opportunity for staff, volunteers & service users alike; and
    • Promote good relations between different racial or cultural groups; and
    • Promote diversity within the organisation at all levels.


  • Out of hours emergency contact number- 00 44 (0)7741 209748. 
Failure to abide by the above terms will result in your stay being terminated. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.